Wedding Questions and Answers

Will it be difficult to organize my wedding on North Stradbroke Island?
The Wedding service providers on North Stradbroke Island are extremely professional and can satisfy most requests and requirements.

What happens if it rains on the day of the wedding?
Generally the reception venue is used as a backup site for the wedding. Venues on the island are well prepared for such eventualities. Also homes rented for the guests or the couple could easily be used and there are beautiful public sheltered venues available.

Can the weather adversely affect the wedding ceremony?
It’s highly unlikely. The marriage ceremony is the moment of your commitment of love and devotion. You could marry on the moon; the emotion, love, spirit and sentiment of your wedding rises above all else. Often weddings that must be held at backup venues are relaxed, very intimate and enjoyed by all.

Do I need Council permission to have my wedding in a public space?
Generally, if there are more than fifteen guests, Council permission should be obtained to prevent double booking of the site of your choice. If possible it is a good idea to speak to me before booking with Council.

I’m a little nervous about writing the ceremony. Is it hard to do?
The civil marriage ceremony format is very simple and most couples find it a lot of fun in it’s development. You decide on what is said and by whom. It is your expression of love to each other and ceremonies constructed by my method are always enjoyed by the guests and couples. Naturally there are special requirements that can be incorporated and you can ask me for any assistance that you may need.

Do you do small weddings? We only want a few friends along.
Yes small weddings are very common. There are no restrictions on where and when you marry.

I’m nervous about the actual marriage ceremony. Can you help?
Using the steps that I provide from first contact to our final goodbye you should reach the wedding ceremony location relaxed and ready for this wonderful journey both of you are taking. My intention is to make that step romantic and inspiring for you.

I want to include my young daughter in the ceremony. Is this possible?
Children are a wedding photographer’s treat and add personality and originality to your special day.

Do you allow photographers to take photos during the ceremony?
My intention is to work closely with your photographer. Often we can orchestrate magic moments for you both.

Do you assist with special ceremonies?
Yes and if you need material or suggestions I am only too happy to provide.

Are you readily available?
Once you have decided on an island wedding it is best to book your marriage celebrant a.s.a.p.

Do you live on North Stradbroke Island?
Yes, together with my young family, since 1986.

Can you suggest beach wedding locations?
I have lived here for more than 25 years so I know about locations, seasonal wind and tide conditions.

There is a special song I want to walk down the aisle to, can it be played?
My portable amplifier is small but very powerful. Music is discussed and organized between us at the run-through the day before the ceremony.

Is it possible for someone other than my father to give away the bride?

It’s our wedding so can I do anything?
The only restrictions I have with weddings are that I won’t marry in bad taste and I won’t jump out of an aeroplane. It’s your day.