Music at a beach wedding

Just about every ceremony, it seems,  there is music. It shows just how important music is in our lives. How music can inspire, emote and bring lack memories of people places and times.

So music is of significance and can be highly emotional at a beach wedding.


  1. have the music downloaded in a device that has it’s own volume control, a recharged battery and a screen that can be seen in bright    sunlight
  2.   if music is live use an amplifier. Sound will not carry into a background noise of wind, surf and space.
  3. if a p.a. is to be used together with an IPod etc. the p.a. should be at least 40 w rms.
  4. microphones should have a wind sock
  5. soft music may be hard to hear regardless of the above so try to get high pitch, tone and good volume in your recording.

With just a little bit of thought music will put that extra sparkle in your day.