The gift that children bring to a wedding

Often a couple tell me that they want their children at their wedding. Sometimes the wedding represents a welding of a bended family other times a couple’s children will witness their parents marriage. I find this absolutely delightful as children do make a wedding sparkle. But occasionally a child can spit the dummy and create a distraction. However as we’re all adults we can look at the mischievous child’s antics as a little ‘salt’ on the day.

Children can play a very active role in the ceremony and respond with real excitement at Mum and Dad’s wedding. Children can write poems and read them on the day. A son can give away his mother or be the ¬†best man or a groom’s man, girls can be bridesmaids or flower girls: children can be given such tasks as playing recorded music over my p.a., ring bearing, readings or just sitting at Mum and Dad’s feet playing in the sand and looking cute.

Sometimes, but rarely, there is friction between child and parent (generally in the older child) but I have found it is normally always a problem with a solution. Older children love being treated like adults and come around when given a pivotal role during the ceremony. I understand the pressures of modern family life and can provide imaginative ways to sort out distractions on the wedding day.

1024x1024_wm_55_southeast_20_3617_1550013835634872792_1107843310 (900x600)Relationships deepen.

HELEN N MARK (900x600)A time for a young guest to enjoy the sand and the water while waiting for the bride to arrive.

045_Alec-and-T-Photography121 (792x434)It is a special feeling participating at a parents wedding. In this case children from both bride and groom join in the ceremony.

102_1509 (900x675)Sometimes it’s best just to leave her ¬†alone.

102_1510 (900x675)Dressed in his ‘tux’ Robert finds something more interesting. That sand castle at his parent’s feet is a work of art.

Images by Julie Sisco -  Illumina Photography - North Stradbroke Island 0011- (900x600)Those special moments after the wedding are captured by the photographer.