What could I expect at a beach wedding? – wind

Beach weddings at their best are truly amazing. White sand, crystal clear water, bubbling surf, magnificent rock cliffs,  photogenic driftwood, privacy, shady walkways onto beach, whales dolphins and other marine life on display, the list goes on. This is the true unspoiled beauty of North Stradbroke Island.

But being on an island  things can sometimes work a little differently to what  may have been planned.

Apart from rain sometimes wind can create a not so ideal situation. Wind blows long hair the wrong way, makes the use of microphones difficult, turns a bridal dress into a sail,  whips surf into a noisy background noise, blows foam everywhere, knocks over signing tables and chairs and can force undesirable floating material and deceased bird and marine life ashore.

But there are things that can be done and sheltered grassy areas on the beach that can be used should the need arise. I have never had a case where a wedding was adversely affected by wind. There needs to be some degree of flexibility with ceremony arrangements