What to expect at a beach wedding? – camels

For a celebrant there are some very funny times where I must keep a straight face and one such time was a September beach wedding

Generally during major school holidays the council allows a camel owner to bring three camels to Point Lookout and provide $5 rides for the adventurous. On one occasion I had a ┬árun-thru and the bride, groom and myself met on the beach and found three camels parked at the entrance onto the beach. That wasn’t a real problem until we moved to the ceremony spot and to the brides horror discovered that camels aren’t the most sanitary smelling of beasts down wind. And as an added bonus camel dun decorated the surrounding dunes. It was awful.

Then there ensued delicate negotiations with a grumpy camel driver to move his threesome to another beach entrance quite some distance away. Fortunately the next day he had taken pity on the bride and moved his business far up the beach.