The Marriage Ceremony

Civil Wedding Formalities

The legal side of a civil wedding ceremony requires a Notice of Intended Marriage form to be signed and in my hands within one month of the wedding day plus the sighting of documents such as birth certificates before the wedding.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

It is in your best interest to have the legal work finalised as soon as possible after booking your wedding day.

The documentation signing can be done at an initial interview where we discuss the marriage ceremony and any special requirements you may have. If you can’t make it across to Stradbroke Island before the wedding, I can send the Notice to you for signature and return.

Planning the Civil Wedding Ceremony

Because I cover all aspects of the wedding during our meetings and conversations, couples usually feel confident and relaxed, ready to enjoy their ceremony.

I have a detailed mix-and-match ceremony format which enables you both to construct your own personalised ceremony. No problem if you can’t get to see me well before the wedding; all you need do is send me your draft and I’ll edit it and return it to you for final approval.

Many couples have hours of fun out of this and you will produce a beautiful ceremony. It’s a guide only but if you need help or extra ideas or special ceremonies, just ask me.

An Informal Ceremony Rehearsal

We’ll plan to meet at the ceremony site 24 hours before the wedding.

I call it a rehearsal but it’s a get together where we discuss the ceremony and go through things such as where the sun will be positioned, and therefore who stands where. We’ll organise who has the rings and how do they get onto your fingers, music, if we need a second microphone and discuss the general ceremony procedure.

Because of the rehearsal you will find that the marriage ceremony will run beautifully and everyone will enjoy your wedding with you.