Your Civil Marriage Experience

David Thorburn – Wedding Celebrant

As your civil marriage celebrant I understand that every wedding is different and the blend of personalities, hopes and dreams, budgets and family influences make each event special and one of a kind.

I take responsibility for all your legal work, the ceremony (where required) and I’ll unobtrusively guide you through the complete wedding process.

For the wedding ceremony I have a portable amplifier system which is CD, MP3 and iPhone compatible, plus a corded microphone. I use a concealed microphone so I’m hands-free and can be mobile throughout the ceremony.

It is my intention that your wedding day will be a wonderful life long memory.

Don’t Miss the Ferry!

When marrying on Stradbroke Island there are a number of practical considerations:

  • People can miss barges and water taxis – things may not function as they do on the mainland so try to be as tolerant as possible.
  • Consider sun and glare, tide times, and time of year (heat, cold and glare).
  • Because we’re on the beach, take measures to minimise sunburn, and the impact of biting and/or flying insects.
  • Tell your guests about access to the wedding site through soft sand, seating arrangements, and/or steps to the beach for the elderly.
  • Be as organised as possible with any decorations you need put in place.
  • There’s always a chance of disappearing (eroded) beaches, beach debris (and possible odour), wind, and surf noise.