What a Celebrant does

Often I am contacted by a future bride or groom who ask general questions but many times I read between the lines.

The concept of marriage creates visions of bridesmaids, best man, flowers, suits, gowns, seat placements at reception, invitations, makeup  etc. and the amount of stress that these issues make, especially for prospective brides, can pressurize to a point where the whole marriage becomes more than an issue it should be.

The marriage process should be enjoyable and this is something I promote through my attitude and my approach. To alleviate the stress within a marriage I deliberately remove anything that diminishes that moment of marriage.

These issues must be addressed and every couple receive my Information Sheet which is short, easily read and informative. It explains the marriage process from my point of view, ceremony, what I do, cost, what to expect, run-thru, music, what an island wedding is like etc. I explain to both bride and groom that after we cover some simple issues both will know exactly what will be happening and in all cases couples become relaxed, happier and even excited.

A load has been lifted as they realize that that special moment of commitment is what everything is about. I bring the romance, fun and excitement back so everyone enjoys the ceremony and the day is a wonderful experience.